Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How To Flea Market Vol. II

So now your car is all packed and you’re pumped for some reselling action. Here are some things I have learned that help make the most of it while you are at the flea market:

This is a case of having way too much stuff...
  • Get an early start. If the flea market officially starts at x AM, be there at x-1 AM the latest. After all, you want to secure a good spot for your stand and find a suitable place to park your car!
  • Start setting up right away. If people are already trying to buy things off of you, let them, even if that interrupts your setteling in. What you sell now is gone and you don’t have to worry about selling it later. Duh. Sorry, that was an obvious one…
  • Display your best pieces prominently. They will lure customers to your stand and make them dig deeper, seeing as you might have more treasures like that somewhere in those boxes…
  • Make sure everything is spread out and that people can see your stuff easily. You will sell more.
  • When no one is browsing, get things back in order. When people cause disarray in said order, smile. And rearrange discreetly once they turn away.
  • Chat. Tell the stories behind the things you are selling. If there is none, and your conscience doesn’t tell you to shut up, invent one. (Never actually did that. But I guess if the story is obviously not true, people might buy it because you are so fun and charming?)
  • Beware of “professionals”: People who go to every flea market in the area, buy stuff off people like us, and then resell is for a harder price. Just make sure they don’t talk you into lowering your price more then you planned to. Unfortunately, the only sure way to spot those people is by recognizing them, so if you are new to that market, beware when someone tries very hard to bargain…
  • If you think this next tip is completely outrageous, please say so, as I am not sure how to feel about it myself. It is something my Dad told me the first time we went to the flea market (I was, um, maybe twelve?) and his social conscience is huge. So he suggested making the price depend on the buyer, aka making someone dressed in nice, expensive-looking clothes pay a little more. Please let me know your feelings about this in the comments!
  • If there is one piece everyone looks at, but nobody buys, it is probably too expensive. Consider lowering your price. If it is too dear to you, sell it on eBay or to a consignment store.
  • Talk to the people manning the neighboring stands. They might become your best customers, as they see your stuff constantly.
  • Think hard about spending your newly-earned cash at other stands.
  • And again, most importantly: Have fun!

How do you optimize your selling strategy? Please add all of the things I have missed (I am sure there are many…) in the comments! 

(Next week: What to do after the flea market, the week after that: What to do when shopping the flea market)


Clumsy Coquette said...

I haven't been to the flea market in a really long time, but I used to love going!

Thanks for stopping my blog!

~your newest follower


alexandra.samarina said...

Hi dear! Thank you for your comment!

Great post! Flea markets are great! But indeed one needs a strategy while digging through it. Otherwise you come home with a pile of stuff you'll never use.

Great topic!




Laura (White Winters) said...

I am looking forward to next weeks post as I tend to shop more than sell and I am always on the look out for more tips!


Belle Armed said...

Clever post. I need to go thrift shopping some day.

LDM said...

i wish they had good flea markets like this here!

xx from hong kong :)

Tanja-Mia said...

Hej, I really like your pictures and your blog!
Check out mine ;)

Bad Joan said...

Flea markets are the best place to find some great vintage buys. They often have great mirrors and old school furniture pieces.