Monday, September 19, 2011

How Reading Minimalist Blogs Changed My Life

I’m not a hoarder. At least not in the worst possible way. I have always found satisfaction and even joy in decluttering, and have always done it on a regular basis.

But then I started reading minimalist blogs, mainly The Everyday Minimalist, BecomingMinimalist, and The Minimalists. And The Unclutterer, which is not necessarily minimalist, but about organization and decluttering. I have realized how clutter can be constricting and got rid of a lot more. I took pictures off walls and put random boxes in closets to let more light in. I declutter more often and my ability to identify clutter has improved; I’m more realistic about what I will actually use and what I really don’t need to keep. I even tackled sentimental clutter (notes we passed around in middle school, anyone?).
My drawing skills are a serious problem...
I buy less, and if I do, I want to invest in better quality from now on. The Everyday Minimalist really inspired me here. Her motto is “Living with less, but only the best.” It made me realize that it is ok to spend a lot of money on something you will use a lot, and that it may even save money in the long run (cost-per-wear/use, etc). Plus, it will make me consider purchases longer, thus resulting in less money spent.
Reading these blogs also made me decide to spend my money on non-things: travel, donations, experiences, my dream of having my own café
However, I am not a minimalist. I don’t know if I ever will be, but I’m getting closer, and I definitely want to go further down that road. It is one of my goals to declutter whenever I am home from school. I will have survived a semester without these things, so why keep everything?
Still, there are some things I cannot part with. Letters I have received, my diaries, photographs. But to me, they are more symbols than things. Maybe I will change my mind about that one day. It has happened before. Years ago, I decided to never get rid of a book ever again, and since then many, many got kicked out of my overflowing bookshelves.
But then again, diaries are not just books.

Have you ever considered minimalism? I’d love to hear about your journey!


Alana said...

I would loooove to be a minimalist, but the hard part is actually parting with all the stuff you've accumulated over the years. But now that it seems that I've married a packrat, I know we're going to have to cut back soon. The sentimental stuff is the worst-and he seems to be sentimental about ev-er-y-thing.

Wish me luck! ha

Melissa Blake said...

Thanks for this...i definitely need to declutter my life!

Vale ♥ said...

I should be reading more of those blogs, I am fascinated by this lifestyle but instead I end up buying too many things I don't even need =(

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Style, She Wrote said...

I live in a small studio apartment and have definitely considered the minimalist lifestyle. I've been trying to scale back, too, and your post has motivated even more! x o style, she wrote

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Interesting post -- minimalism as a life style. I definitely adhere to the "living with less, but only the best" idea. I rarely go to Malls since I don't want to go home with fast fashion, unless I think a piece is timeless, or I really love the current fad and will be living in it for a year or more. But, I will spend on beautiful items when I travel (from trinkets to clothes to furniture) with the intention of keeping it forever!

I agree with keeping sentimental, meaningful things though!

thekellytang said...

Wow! We are always on the same page! I want to be a minimalist, but I find it to be impossible! Lol! But I do want to have less, because I feel like everyone is too focused on having more and more. Its too excessive and its necessary to return to simpler times. Granted I'm in fashion, but I feel that minimalism is a nice concept and hopefully will be applied to my life later on. lol :)

<3 Kelly

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

i'm definitely not a minimalist, but i'm a HUGE declutterer. and i've also come to understand the concept of spending is ok when it's towards something really useful or really beautiful. basically, if it'll enhance my life.

Laura (White Winters) said...

I am not a minimalist but I do empty my room out about once a month. I go through under my bed, my wardrobe, my drawers and every little space gets sorted out so I never have that much stuff or clothes (it might just be because I don't have much space to put them!).


Coté Writes said...

My pack-rat, Forever-21-shopping habits have definitely changed in similar ways over the past few years. I try to purge my closet and donate to Goodwill several times a year, and I'm now so much more conscious about how seemingly 'cheap' purchases I make effect my wallet and the planet. (For me this change was sparked by reading the book "Gorgeously Green" and my minimalist hubby was somewhat of an influence, too.) Like you, I will never truly be a minimalist, but I think it's important to live in a way that the things we own don't own us, or in a way that our possessions/clutter don't feel like a burden. Thanks for reminding me of this today! -Jennifer